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Vraagje aan mijn volgers: kennen jullie ook buitenlandse OCR-fanaten? En dan bedoel ik niet België ;)
Zelf ken ik die niet echt, maar het zou wel leuk zijn als we die ook bereiken!

Op naar meer OCR teams!
:dmm: :up40:

How many Dutch Mud Men will join today? :dmm:
They have the honor of receiving the first custom emoji :)

Requests for other emoji can be sent to me. I will need a PNG-image with a size below 50kb in order to create a custom emoji for your OCR team, race or something else!

Rat Race Dirty Weekend! 32 kilometers + 200 obstacles. Starting at 9:15 with Team Dutch Mud Men :D

Dutch Mud Men and Mudstacle waking up at Burghley House! At 9:15, we'll all start together in wave 6! Good luck everyone! :D

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"Obstacles do not block the path, they are the path" - someone's shirt at

There is also an app for Mastodon, for those who would like to use that! I use Tusky, an easy to use app for Android.

With @KellyB, @Jeroen, @Martin and @Michelle, now has 5 official users. All current users are part of the Dutch Mud Men community, so when I get back to the Netherlands I'll be sure to create the DMM logo for this instance :)

The first 10 users will get a round of beer at the Rat Race Dirty Weekend after party! :D

Who will be the first Mudstacle runner to join?

Welcome @Jeroen and @Martin to! The promotion campaign has started :)

@djoerd Yes, I'm very happy that it it is live already :) I'm using a service that provides fully managed Mastodon hosting: (@mastohost). I went through the setup documents you sent me, but it seemed to take too much time! This seems to work well, and the service was very fast and very good so far :)

The Mastodon instance for Obstacle Course Running enthusiasts is live! Let's get some momentum at the upcoming Rat Race Dirty Weekend in the UK!

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